Game Dashboard Tool


Thank you for using the Where are Games dashboard tool. It is a site where you can select widgets to be displayed and used to help you track your game's progress. To get started, click on the menu button ( ) > "Add Widgets" and then select widgets you want to help with your game. Below is a list of the current widgets that are available along with a description of what they are and suggestions on ways to use them. Once you are done with the game, you can reset the widgets by selecting "Reset Widgets" and everything will reset to the default values. If you want to see this message and clear the dashboard you can select "Clear Dashboard" from the menu.

There is a section for remote connections. To initiate a connection use the "Initiate Connection" option, enter a player name and click "Connect". There will be a button that will appear on the title bar, which will display the code needed for the other players to connect to your dashboard. If you click on that button you will get a dialog box with the code and who is connected. If you want to disconnect, just click on the "Disconnect" button in that dialog box. The other players need to use the "Join Connection" option, enter the code from the initial player and a player name not the same as the others. They will get the same button on the title bar.

A function that is not fully supported on all platforms is wake lock. It allows the browser to request to the device to stay awake while the browser is on this page. There is a menu option that will allow you to release the wake lock or request a wake lock if it hasn't been established. According to the documentation for the API, the wake lock will end if the device is low on power depending on the device.

Widget Descriptions


Used to track anything you need a counter that will increment by 1. The default value is 0 and will increment or decrement by 1. You can set a title and a starting amount by clicking or touching the number. This is the bases of all of the counters.

Calculate Counter

Used to track anything you need a counter that the value needs to be incremented or decremented by another value. Like the counter the default value is 0. The increment and decrement will bring up a window for a value to increment or decrement with.

Calc Counter with Receipt

Used the same as the Calculate Counter, except that it keeps a receipt which can be accessed by the icon in the center of the widget. Also when you add or subtract, besides entering the amount, you can add a note for the amount as well.

Turn Counter

Used to keep track of turns of a game. It is a counter that the minimum number is 1 and can incremented by 1 to as high as you need.

Command Points

Used to keep track of Command Points. Command Points is a term used in the game Warhammer 40k that provides an extra set of points that can be used during the game. This is a counter that has a minimum of 0. Like the counter you can click or touch the number to set the starting value.

Game Points

Used to keep track of points in the game. It will only allow you to enter one of these widgets as it is meant to track your portion of the game. However the basic counter or calculate counter will work well for this as well. It is a counter that has a minimum of 0, and increments or decrements by the value entered in the window.

Scorecard Counter

Used to keep track of a score in games that require multiple types of scoring that may be entered per turn. This is to help with Warhammer 40k games that have multiple objectives that score per turn. You setup like you do with other counters by selecting the total. To update the values you select the icon at the bottom of the widget. That will open a modal, to update a value in the modal select a value and it will show an field to enter the value.


Used to track how much time you have left until a specified time. To enter a value click or touch anywhere on the widget to set the end time. It will then show a countdown until that time. When the time is reached it will show 'Times Up'

Army List

Used to track the army list for the game. You can load a list by using the "Load List" button. It will currently read BattleScribe and Rosterizer files and convert them into cards for each unit in the army list

Once loaded, you will see a list of your army. To see the card for a unit just click/touch a unit name and it will display the card. To go back to the list you click/touch the name again.

BattleScribe files on mobile devices are located in Documents/BattleScribe/rosters. Another way is to use the share feature of Battlescribe to share the Battlescribe file to the WhereAreGames app.